Meet The Reed's

For over 17 years Sean & Lanette have helped people discover their passion and live on purpose. The Reed's were led Pastors for 15 years and most recently they’ve spoken to  hundreds of thousands of people at conferences, workshops and churches. As a couple, they’ve been speakers at Marriage Todays XO conference, the largest marriage conference in the world.

Destined to be an educator, The Reeds are known for their natural ability to explain abstract concepts in engaging, interesting and thought-provoking ways. Their compassionate approach sparks curiosity and connects with people at all levels of life, whether it’s within their published works and or the courses they teach.


The Reeds are Marriage and Family Pastors at Opendoor Church and have three children 21, 19 and 18. They live in Greenville, NC.

"Sean and Lanette are gifted and anointed speakers, who bring their best every time they present. Both have the ability to deliver truth and humor in a way that brings couples closer together and creates an atmosphere for ministry to happen and lives to be changed. If you are looking for great communicators for your event, I highly recommend Sean and Lanette!"

"The most practical marriage conference we have ever hosted. Sean and Lanette are great communicators."

-David Jordan, Executive Pastor

of Life Fellowship in Athens, TX

-Brent Evans, President of MarriageToday,

Founder of XO Marriage

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Being Lead Pastors for 14 years, we know the needs and importance of having a marriage ministry in the local church. We want to help your couples by supporting your vision for the couples in your church. Fill out a booking request form to start the conversation on how we can help.

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