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  • Not Just Roommates

Not Just Roommates


Not Just Roommates is a 145 page step-by-step blueprint for marriage success. If you want strategies for healthy communication, easy-to-implement exercises, and practical tips for romance and intimacy, Not Just Roommates is the answer.


Lanette and I married at 18 years old. We knew we loved one another but had no clue how to be married. Because of our immaturity, we learned things the hard way and almost divorced a few years into our marriage. Through our commitment to God and the love we shared for our children, we chose to fight for our marriage. With my wife, I wrote Not Just Roommates to educate couples on how to deal with the major issues they will face.

The book offers practical, relevant, and effective solutions to strengthen marriages and develop healthy relationships. Combining what we learned in 25 years of marriage and 19 years of counseling experience, Lanette and I will show couples how to build unity, communication skills, sexual intimacy, and ways overcome marital adversity. 

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