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Marriage Mediation

With The Reed's

Marriage Mediation

This service is for Pastors and Church Leaders only. 

Full-day private one-on-one marriage coaching for couples who are struggling with multiple issues and/or feeling hopeless about the future of their marriage. This intensive approach combines several weeks of coaching into one single session. This allows a couple the extended time needed to fully process primary issues without the interruption of time or having to schedule multiple sessions. The mediation process is designed to help couples adopt healthier perspectives and beliefs, so they can successfully learn how to resolve conflict, build communication, embrace intimacy, re-establish trust and develop a plan for restoration. Offered in-person only.

We were Pastors for 15 years. During our time, we had the privilege of having leaders pour into our marriage to ensure its success. We know the struggles of balancing ministry while prioritizing your most important gem, your family. Our heart is to help you achieve a healthy, successful family while you Pastor God's people. Our perspective is unique. We successfully pastored a thriving church and are happily married.We want you to experience the same.

We've been there and we can help.

A few things you will receive


Prior to your session we will send you an assessment that will help you and your spouse understand your personality and communication style. This assessment is proven to give clarity and understanding as you learn more about yourself and spouse. 

Take Home Guide

You'll receive assignments tailored to fit the needs of your marriage. Each assignment is built to help you create a solid foundation for your families legacy.

Hands on Applications

Practical applications during each session to help you fully understand new concepts so you can walk them out confidently. 

Let's Talk

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