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Every organization has a potential


Why Legacymaker?

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of leadership, both from our experience as marriage and family pastors who nurtured a flourishing marriage ministry and from our time as senior Pastors. This dual perspective equips us uniquely to guide you in cultivating the team you need to excel in your leadership role.

In every organization, there lies a hidden LegacyMaker – a key individual who can significantly influence and uplift marriages and families within your community. However, identifying and nurturing this potential is not a journey you have to embark on alone. It's our passion to discover and develop your organization's LegacyMaker.

We offer a tailored approach that recognizes the nuances of leading both with and under authority. Our focus is on fostering healthy, skilled individuals who can effectively support and enrich the relational dynamics around them. This not only enhances the organizational culture but also extends its positive impact to the broader community.

You have the vision; let us provide the expertise to bring it to life. Together, we can create a legacy of strong, vibrant relationships that resonate through every layer of your organization. Let's collaborate to unleash the full potential of your team and transform your organization into a hub where marriages and families don't just survive but thrive."

Enroll your team or leader into our one year leadership program. This specialized program is designed specifically for teams looking to enhance their leadership skills, public speaking prowess, curriculum development, and more. It's an ideal opportunity for leaders to enroll their teams and empower them with the tools and knowledge necessary for professional growth and organizational success. 

Legacymaker University (LMU)

Maximize your team's potential with our one or two-day strategic planning meetings, custom-tailored to align with your specific goals. These sessions are designed to help you and your team uncover your objectives for the year, strategize effectively, and set a clear course for success. 

Strategy Planning

Enhance your team's leadership skills without leaving your office. We bring our impactful leadership seminars to you, offering customized training in leadership development and team-building. Contact us to host a seminar that transforms and empowers your team right where you are.

On Site Leadership Seminar

Sean Reed

Founder/ COO

Lanette Reed

Founder/Research & Development

Brandon Reed

Project Manager

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