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Not Just Roomates

Not Just Roommates is a step-by-step blueprint for marriage success. If you want strategies for healthy communication, easy-to-implement exercises, and practical tips for the difficulties of marriage, romance and intimacy, Not Just Roommates is the answer.

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Our Floor Plan

The ultimate guide to building a life together. This exercise is designed to help couples discuss their values and preferences. Merging them onto their Floor Plan.A download page will display after your $5 purchase.

God of the Valley

This book is for those in a storm of life. No matter the type of storm: physical, economic, emotional or spiritual. Sean shares how to navigate through the lows of life while maintaining hope in God. This book will encourage faith in God during the darkest moments that you may ever face in life. This book will help you experience at a deeper level, The God of the Valley.


A Prayer for your Spouse

Praying for your spouse is important. Use this free download to pray for your spouse.

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