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Meet the Reeds

For 12 years, the Reeds have spoken to thousands of people at marriage conferences, workshops, retreats, and churches. Speaking at the XO Marriage Conference, the largest marriage conference in the world, as well as the Lakewood Church Marriage Retreat in Houston, TX. With 15 years of pastoral experience Sean & Lanette have a unique way of presenting truths & practical tips that help couples thrive. Traveling regularly throughout the country on a mission to build families that leave legacies.

Sean is a published author of two books, Not Just Roommates: The Roadmap to Marriage Intimacy and God of the Valley: How to Navigate Through the Valleys of Life While Maintaining Hope.

Sean & Lanette have over 250,000 views on their YouTube videos that provide marriage coaching for couples. The Reeds live with their three kids in Greenville, NC, where they're the Marriage and Family Pastors of Opendoor Church.

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